Trying To See Things Without My Glasses

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Obviously there's no editing effect I could use to exactly simulate what it's like to see without glasses but I tried my best with blurring so you could play along. It looked like that... but like way worse lol. I'm not very good at seeing. Anyways... hope you liked it okay byeeeee.

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  • Jack Spedicey

    Jack Spedicey

     58 minutes ago


  • spacetypo


     4 hours ago

    this is an inkblot test

  • Madyllyn Rose

    Madyllyn Rose

     20 hours ago

    I thought the koala was Kermit.

  • The Businesswoman 23

    The Businesswoman 23

     22 hours ago

    Damn, my vision is -4.25 and -4.50 so I feel your pain. I had to go 4 months without glasses or contacts while i saved up enough. Well...A trip to the ER and a few falls later , I finally got my glasses and I will tell you, REGAINING EYESIGHT WILL MAKE YOU TREASURE IT SO MUCH MORE. I never realized how dangerous it was to be without enough vision until I was in that situation.

  • park jimin

    park jimin

     22 hours ago

    I'm a -6 😂

  • Shanie Beauty

    Shanie Beauty

     22 hours ago

    When I understand what she sees because my last prescription before mine was updated was also -4.00

  • Sheila Sparaco

    Sheila Sparaco


    Lol I guessed the James Charles, pewdie pie, Shane Dawson and kermit

  • milo bowhay

    milo bowhay


    im almost a -4 omg jenna same!!!!!! however one of my eyes is better than the other so i just wear glasses 100% of the time

  • Commonly Abnormal

    Commonly Abnormal

     2 days ago

    Ok but the notes she sang were actually two of the notes in the c minor chord

  • J_Mike214


     2 days ago

    That laugh at 11:20 is amazing

  • Mo Soccer

    Mo Soccer

     2 days ago +13

    Judge: Jenna did you see the suspect
    Jenna: yes
    Judge: what did he look like

    Jenna: a baby bull fighter

  • Cap'n Jace

    Cap'n Jace

     3 days ago

    Oof I got PewdiePie and James Charles right

  • Katherine Isn’t coming

    Katherine Isn’t coming

     3 days ago

    a kardashian, A Kardashian ! A KARDASHIAN

  • Ruby Dabesta

    Ruby Dabesta

     4 days ago +1

    Why am I concerned that I knew the first one was James charles immediately

  • Sarah


     4 days ago

    What was that picture of him as a moon cookie 😂😂

  • Yeet Yeetson

    Yeet Yeetson

     5 days ago

    i’m a -6 in the left eye and a -5.5 in the right eye and i recently got glasses (i’ve worn contacts for years) and the lenses are so THICK that they’re literally thicker than the frames and it just makes me laugh

  • Inger


     5 days ago

    Who was the butt?

  • Pascal


     7 days ago

    Of course Matt Damon looks like a baby! He turned 10 years old today

  • Linda Wahlun

    Linda Wahlun

     7 days ago

    You should do a Julia, Anne and Sandra quiz without glasset. And Julien can keep his on. I you’d still wipe the table with him.

  • skylar arnold

    skylar arnold

     7 days ago +1

    Laughs in -8