Escape the Babysitter! The Grinch Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room to Save Christmas !

  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
  • Will the kids Escape the Babysitter this time? The Grinch babysitter Showdown! It’s Christmas Eve and Dad hires the sneaky Grinch to babysit the kids! The Grinch babysitter plans to ruin Christmas. The kids hide in their room and the Grinch makes three different escape rooms. The kids must escape the room by figure out each clue to solve each mystery. Will the fun squad be able to escape the sneaky Grinch and save Christmas?
    Will they be able to solve the escape the room mysteries and clues before the Grinch plays all his silly tricks? This Grinch is so funny you’ll have to try not to laugh. In this family friendly kids vs Grinch challenge, you’ll see how the kids fun tv crew escape the room in this Christmas holiday adventure. The kids use their nerf blasters but then have a surprise visit from Santa Claus!
    Watch the Grinch in real life in his funny holiday video for kids. Comment below and tell us if you think the Grinch was a good babysitter? We love making videos for kids that are family friendly. Who do you think is more sneaky? Was it Mr. Grinch? Or the Kids Fun TV fun squad?
    Let us know what your favorite part of this video was. Did you like the babysitter the most? Did you like the Grinch the most? Or was it the fun escape room part with the sneaky kids and the clues they had to solve each mystery?
    Merry Christmas from the Fun Squad and the family of Kids Fun TV! We hope you are good this year so Santa Claus will visit you and bring you awesome toys!
    Don’t forget to watch the Grinch 2018 movie trailer and go see the movie in the theaters!

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    The Grinch was played by one of our friends, Dustin, #grinchiefmanaged . He was so amazing and so great to work with! If you want to hire him, we highly recommend him! You can contact him through his Facebook page:

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