• Published on:  Sunday, January 12, 2020
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    idk why i did this


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  • Crissy boo

    Crissy boo

     9 minutes ago

    How is this “the worst video ever” she didn’t do anything you guys should actually be offended by. I came here after seeing this on sc, you people are so immature it’s sad.

  • LavenderScented


     10 minutes ago

    I love Emma but tbh I could see why this upset people. It seems like she never really intended to dye her hair and only posted this video so she could get the sponsorship money :/ (get ur bag tho I guess)

  • janaabdulbaki


     17 minutes ago

    ceo of plot twists

  • Liz Mastromatteo

    Liz Mastromatteo

     32 minutes ago

    YA YA My name is Emmalynn so I can’t tell so I’m new me so I do stuff like that ok I’m new to your


    Game time

    Find the 😶 goo


    Easy o well I am I’m 2 grade so I like your channel

  • Mr. Minnesota

    Mr. Minnesota

     34 minutes ago

    Why is this so bad it’s like a normal video

  • Ava Dugal

    Ava Dugal

     40 minutes ago

    longer videosssssssssss

  • paracosmist `

    paracosmist `

     42 minutes ago

    I thought curology was working for you sis?

  • Devin Burns

    Devin Burns

     46 minutes ago

    She's said before that she has troubles uploading videos and she deletes a lot of them so we should all just be thankful that she posted something. That's my opinion so please don't come at me. Also like some people already said it was a fail video and the fact that she even made the video of her actually dyeing her hair to make people happy was ridiculous. The fact that some of you had the audacity to bully her failing to dye her hair is very childish. But hey I guess in the end everyone that hated got what they wanted so now you guys can be grateful that she didn't fail this time.

  • Mary Scott

    Mary Scott

     an hour ago +1

    Who is here reading comments after watching the worst video I’ve ever posted

  • Zara Goins

    Zara Goins

     an hour ago

    I don’t understand how I this is “the worst video ever” when all her videos have literally the same energy

  • Caelyn Graham

    Caelyn Graham

     an hour ago +1

    This is trash sorry

  • Savannah Hutto

    Savannah Hutto

     an hour ago

    Hahaha everyone saying it’s the worst but I think it’s funny she didn’t do it because this is something I would do lol

  • Yours Truly

    Yours Truly

     an hour ago

    This is literally how her old videos were like

  • Gabrielle Cooke

    Gabrielle Cooke

     an hour ago

    Tired of reading "the title of the video said fail, so why is everyone upset? You read the title." Usually when a video says 'fail' in the title it means that something was attempted but it went wrong. A fail would be if she dyed her hair but it came out a color she wasn't expecting or if she accidentally dyed it too much or something like that. You can't fail at something you never did, so that word was still a very misleading and somewhat clickbaity asset to the title. I'm not saying she deserves ton loads of hate, but people have the right to be disappointed. I also don't understand how people can say things like "oh you guys bullied her into dyeing her hair even though she clearly didn't want to look what you guys made her do!!1!1"...did she not make the choice to dye it herself? Nobody made her do it, she chose to succumb to the peer (not even peer because none of you told her to do it in person) pressure and dye her hair. If she can allow for people she's never even met before to control her life and get her to do things she doesn't want to do then that's on her and I do not feel bad for her at all. However, that's not to say I encourage her getting hate, I just don't sympathize with her dyeing her hair "against her will" when she literally chose to do it.

  • Joanne Gibney

    Joanne Gibney

     an hour ago

    Guys people make mistakes.❤️u emma

  • Faviana Rios

    Faviana Rios

     2 hours ago

    I watch Emma and dis shit ain’t bad she just having a mental breakdown then is over it like everyone’s bugging for no reason LMFAO

  • Ari M

    Ari M

     2 hours ago +1

    Its not her worst vid ever....
    Its just not a good vid
    ❤Luv u emma❤

  • tatertotter808


     2 hours ago

    Lmao tries to bleaches hair with no tin fold? Did you just put water on your hair

  • Aurora Canales Cotes

    Aurora Canales Cotes

     2 hours ago

    Que monda

  • Makayla Moore

    Makayla Moore

     2 hours ago

    DO NOT DO ACCUTANE 😫 it’s SUCKS. please try Rodan & Fields. Don’t ruin yourself... -from a girl who knows:/