Visiting Wildcat for the first time! 😁 [Nogla Vlog]

  • Published on:  Sunday, December 2, 2018
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  • Daithi De Nogla

    Daithi De Nogla

     a years ago +17006


  • The Roblox Man

    The Roblox Man


    haha Try hard sweaty nerd.

  • Bamberg Jr

    Bamberg Jr


    Hey Nogla it’s nice of you to see wildcat again

  • Zane Reed

    Zane Reed

     2 days ago

    That z06 though

  • Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

     2 days ago

    Who knows how the song in the intro

  • jeffrey nabus

    jeffrey nabus

     3 days ago

    hellow nogla

  • Elite Boi Games

    Elite Boi Games

     3 days ago

    The thumbnail made me click on the video right away

  • kean trap

    kean trap

     3 days ago

    What is the name of his background music

  • ACE Hozz

    ACE Hozz

     3 days ago

    I wonder if wildcat named Kino after black ops 1

  • Memo Guzman

    Memo Guzman

     3 days ago

    Vanoss lives in Canada but where does Nogla live at

  • Smuggz Music

    Smuggz Music

     3 days ago

    nashvile tenessessse

  • Wade Willson

    Wade Willson

     5 days ago

    What breed is Archie

  • Stalker Bear

    Stalker Bear

     5 days ago

    Nogla:*Looks at a clown fish*

    Also Nogla:Thas a funny lookin turtle

  • Alexei Lewis

    Alexei Lewis

     6 days ago

    He was drinking bud light

  • Crazy_talktive


     6 days ago

    I have the dwarf auzzy of Archie :)

  • Meta Knightmare

    Meta Knightmare

     6 days ago

    Me: *sees sign*


  • Andrew Hampton

    Andrew Hampton

     6 days ago

    why didn't you bring joe and tony

  • Isaac Arredondo

    Isaac Arredondo

     6 days ago

    i was possibly the only person watching the cowboys game on the tv at 9:54

  • 《Gacha BloodBoon》

    《Gacha BloodBoon》

     6 days ago

    He likes pizza and dinosaurs so ima get him..

    Me: both?

    Monster trucks

  • kaitlyn gallagher

    kaitlyn gallagher

     6 days ago

    Hey Nolga what does Even look like?