California Uses Prisoners To Fight Wildfires | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • Trevor Noah weighs in on the news of California inmates risking their lives to battle wildfires despite policies preventing ex-convicts from becoming firefighters.

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  • Comedy Central UK

    Comedy Central UK

     7 days ago +44

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  • Robert Sander

    Robert Sander


    Hey, just a quick question, could one grow cotton in California?

  • mike stone

    mike stone

     2 days ago

    No no no what they get is out of there cage for the day, and a cough...

  • Abdallah Moha

    Abdallah Moha

     2 days ago

    Best time to scape

  • Joanna


     3 days ago


  • Grant Buttenshaw

    Grant Buttenshaw

     3 days ago

    What a load of fake news

  • Dylan Pocock

    Dylan Pocock

     3 days ago

    I wonder how many run off

  • MARIA De Maria

    MARIA De Maria

     4 days ago +4

    Sad the the State can "use" people (like "things"/tools disposable).

  • VictorChouStudios


     4 days ago +2

    American prison system is really messed up...

  • onesimpleclik


     4 days ago

    this guy isn't even funny.

  • Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado

     4 days ago

    Reminds me of the movie: First time felon

  • GrizzlyAus


     5 days ago

    Trevor theyre prisoners... you know how hard it is to stay OUT of jail...its not hard at all.

  • Emily An

    Emily An

     5 days ago

    In US, even the fire has the freedom of burns down everything.

  • Washademoak


     5 days ago

    I wonder if they let arsonists fight fires.

    It would be an endless loop. The arsonist would light a fire, go to jail , fight the fire, then light another fire, fight that fire, etc. etc. etc.

  • Mike Newby

    Mike Newby

     5 days ago +1

    Well firefighters that aren't in major cities are a lot of the times doing it for free. Also they are prisoners so who cares

  • Angel Gd

    Angel Gd

     5 days ago

    Kamala Harris has a habit of keeping folks locked up just to get free labor like this out of them. Why don't you ever tell the truth about these corporate sellouts trevor, you are a pitiful man

  • Anthony Lambert

    Anthony Lambert

     5 days ago

    Is this guy considered funny in America?

  • BearMaster4.0


     5 days ago

    Great idea take cons and make them penal-fire fighters! More man power to over more ground.

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

     5 days ago

    The pretty lady in a Smokey the Bear suit reminded me of that one Disenchantment episode

  • Koala Dundee

    Koala Dundee

     5 days ago

    Im all for this they cant harm any1