Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball Trick Shot HORSE!

  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Trick Shot HORSE vs a REAL COP!!!! The stakes have never been higher! Watch til the end! SUBSCRIBE: PART 2:

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  • Josh Horton

    Josh Horton

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    UPDATE: watch part 2! Yes... he is 100% a REAL cop with the LAPD. THANK YOU ALL FOR 200,000 subscribers! 300k here we come! Click that subscribe button if you haven't yet. I give away a set of juggling balls every single vide to someone who likes and comments in the first 10 mins of every upload (MON - WED - SAT) so make sure you subscribe and click that bell!

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    Believe !!!2020

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    Is your dad Tim Horton

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    Noah Sloan

     6 days ago

    sorry cop but I'm going to have to go with Josh horton

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    Lalit Kumar

     6 days ago

    👮 👦

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    Kyng Holloway

     7 days ago

    Cop is going to take the win

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    This is amazing share the love

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    Trick shot cop

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    Josh is going to win

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    I saw you on tik tok

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    Erona Singh

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    That is a real cop??

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    No offense but the officer is better than you at basketball

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