Crazy Peppermint Foods Taste Test

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Why turn savory foods into peppermint when you can turn peppermint into savory foods?  GMM #1438

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  • Aterhallsam



    Ramen Peppermint Noodles - ”Wanna get double teamed?

  • seasons seasons

    seasons seasons

     5 days ago

    The way they kept dragging Shoney’s 😭

  • Mogzy210


     14 days ago

    Only episode I've skipped through... wtf else do you expect them to say? It all tastes like peppermint .... nothing more .... so half way through I know what they will say for the rest of the food.... tastes like pepper mint

  • Seabear _ThePirate

    Seabear _ThePirate

     21 days ago

    Josh deserves love. He does such a good job of visualization. <3

  • maddie matejcik

    maddie matejcik

     21 days ago

    Please do “Will It: Ramen”

  • ꧁ Defacto ꧂

    ꧁ Defacto ꧂

     a months ago

    I do think mint in food taste like toothpaste. 😀

  • Ruby Cornwell

    Ruby Cornwell

     a months ago

    me: watches this on halloween ooo i can’t wait till christmas

  • Average consumer

    Average consumer

     a months ago

    You should do a will it ramen

  • Cassidy Costanti

    Cassidy Costanti

     a months ago

    I have already eATEN Pepppermint sushi 🍣 🍬 it was peppermint candy sushi but it still counts

  • Carrie Nowlin

    Carrie Nowlin

     2 months ago

    Is the pikel peperment?..........yes you can't escape

  • Amber Jayne

    Amber Jayne

     2 months ago

    Mythical Chef Josh should cook for Gordon Ramsay in another episode like this!

  • christian velasco

    christian velasco

     2 months ago +5

    "Pepermint oil refried beans"
    Gonna give you cold farts

  • Agent Zero 3432

    Agent Zero 3432

     3 months ago

    Peppermint is the taste of Christmas

  • AshChooses Pikachu

    AshChooses Pikachu

     3 months ago

    I wish they'd show josh's expressions as well xD

  • Calvin Rhine

    Calvin Rhine

     3 months ago

    This episode makes my stomach turn more than anything ever before on the show. I couldn't do all that mint

  • Abigail Way

    Abigail Way

     3 months ago

    Shoney's you wanna be cool with the kids? definitely hire two 40 year old dads as consultants

  • SlymGym_


     3 months ago

    I love peppermint so I’m down for everything 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Istsu


     3 months ago

    welcome to my house

  • petrosinella


     3 months ago +4

    Love the alliteration at the beginning! Kudos to the writers.

  • SexyWoody


     3 months ago

    Who eats Ramen with Sriracha?