AUDI QUATTRO - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Inspired by military vehicles, Audi designed a revolutionary all wheel drive system that would take their coupes and sedans where they had never gone before: off road. Join James as he explores the history of the legendary Audi Quattro. From the Audi 80 prototype to the Quattro road car, and the psycho rally cars of Group B; This is the Audi Quattro.

    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Sarah Fairfield
    Directed by Felipe Armenta
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
    Creative Director: Jesse Wood

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  • 19digupherbones


     2 days ago

    2.2 L AAN makes me moist... i have one..its great... everyone knows it

  • Der Gerät

    Der Gerät

     3 days ago

    The last Audi s1 had 600 hp

  • Unique Racer

    Unique Racer

     3 days ago

  • QuantumS1ngularity


     3 days ago

    One question appears in my head everytime i'm reminded some car is redesigned for the US market - what the hell is the US gov up to ?? I mean you have a car, which meets none other than the G-E-R-M-A-N quality standard and safety regulations and it's somehow not enough for the US?!?! I mean c'mon american cars from that time are plain death traps compared to any german car. And the emissions - that's the other bullsh!t. So it's ok to have a 5.0L V8 with less than 200hp that can barely cover 18mpg, but a 2.1L turbo inline 5 engine with 200hp, that's twice more economical is somehow more dangerous to the environment ????????

  • Cameron kerr

    Cameron kerr

     6 days ago +1

    i owned a iltis there fun but suck

  • Oliwier Przepióra

    Oliwier Przepióra

     6 days ago

    I saw all of this cars in Audi museum in Ingolstadt. If you have a possibility to go there, use that. It’s truly amazing to see all these legends!

  • TR850


     7 days ago +1

    Why is there a Saab 900 in the background with what appears to be a German license plate?!

  • • bruh

    • bruh

     7 days ago

    What if this was the time traveling car instead of the DMC 12 in BTTF?

  • Keisuke Takahashi

    Keisuke Takahashi

     7 days ago

    8:37 BAAM BAAM..

  • Wolf Ross

    Wolf Ross

     14 days ago

    So what you're saying is Ferrari named their car after a Jensen. Got it.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi

    Jussi Raitoniemi

     14 days ago

    You know, just for funns 😂😂😂😂

  • HellBach


     14 days ago +1

    "You guys are all named after dragons", hehehehe, brilliant!

  • Jimmy Productions

    Jimmy Productions

     14 days ago

    Wait, for all this time, I thought it was S1

  • Silently Toxic

    Silently Toxic

     14 days ago


  • James Grant-Lewis

    James Grant-Lewis

     14 days ago

    Please do a video of ABT sportsline!

  • AurousGreen


     21 days ago

    lmaooooo 14:02

  • MatiasFPM


     21 days ago

    M8 you forgot that time when IMSA got REKT by audi GTO

  • Legio XXI Rapax

    Legio XXI Rapax

     21 days ago

    Everything You Need to Know: it was beaten by a 2WD Lancia, then when Peugeot and Lancia comes with their T16 and Delta S4 the Quattro never seen a victory again.
    Fun fact (real happened): members of the Audi Quattro Rally Team took an helicopter at night and goes in the Lancia Martini Team spot, fastly landing letting one of his man run fastly under the 037 car, trying to know what was the Lancia secret to be so fast and beat the Quattro. They never discovered it even with this cheating tactics, there was no secret under that Lancia.

  • Just a Person

    Just a Person

     21 days ago

    "NOT ALGARVE" :)

  • eric shestalo

    eric shestalo

     1 months ago

    dude your annoying