BALDI'S BASICS VS SONIC The Hedgehog (Official series)

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • BALDI'S BASICS vs Sonic the Hedgehog full episode! Who is gonna win this battle?
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    This time also Tails, knuckles and Eggman joined the team!
    This is the old story of Baldi's basics in education and learning when he met Sonic,Super Mario Bros, Luigi and Donkey kong for the first time in his life at school.

    This is the best cartoon animation available on the internet!

    Watch the other battles with Pac-man, Megaman, Ugandan Knuckles, Sonic, Kirby and more!

    Go and play Baldi's basics in Education and learning if you haven't already!

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    Beatrice Garogalo

    Script and direction:
    Angelo Varano

    Audio, music and final video edit:
    Lokman Mouatamid

    BALDI'S BASICS VS SONIC The Hedgehog (Official series)
    by Lokman Video

    #baldi #sonic #lokman
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  • Mariah Orsmby

    Mariah Orsmby

     11 hours ago +1

    2:32 was so silly XD

  • brawl stars

    brawl stars

     22 hours ago +1

    >:": D XD

  • brawl stars

    brawl stars

     22 hours ago +1

    Sonic brine

  • Blue bunny Studios

    Blue bunny Studios

     yesterday +1


  • vinicius dragon

    vinicius dragon


    Oi br's

  • denissa zberea

    denissa zberea


    Bună seara, la

  • Melina Ruiz

    Melina Ruiz

     2 days ago


  • Lautaro Gauto

    Lautaro Gauto

     3 days ago

    And baldi tale?

  • Nancy Wobensmith

    Nancy Wobensmith

     5 days ago

    Hay Baldi I Maded Your Ruler 📏

  • Luiz Phelipe

    Luiz Phelipe

     5 days ago

    Baldi. Died

  • Ivan Beabraut

    Ivan Beabraut

     6 days ago

    So cringe and I like it

  • Ositogamer_ Rock

    Ositogamer_ Rock

     7 days ago

    Kirby is Good

  • Esmeralda Vela

    Esmeralda Vela

     7 days ago

    C in

  • Marcia Apellidos

    Marcia Apellidos

     7 days ago


  • Zandra_Carroll Gaming

    Zandra_Carroll Gaming

     7 days ago

    Would baldi be happy when sonic got the correct? He only gets mad when there is a wrong answer

  • Benja vicente Medina

    Benja vicente Medina

     7 days ago +1

    A esta hora sale el ayuguoki

  • Xiomara Dominguez

    Xiomara Dominguez

     7 days ago


  • Muhammad Fasih

    Muhammad Fasih

     7 days ago +2

    Lol I lirettery can't stop laughing 😂

  • genoveva cuen

    genoveva cuen

     7 days ago

    Mario bigotes

  • Doris Marina Pita Herrera

    Doris Marina Pita Herrera

     7 days ago +2

    mai wuords skiiels ar (iq 0)