Deontay Wilder on decision in Tyson Fury fight, talks Anthony Joshua | BOXING | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Deontay Wilder joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley to break down why he should have been named the winner in the heavyweight boxing match against Tyson Fury and discusses the potential fight with Anthony Joshua.

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    Deontay Wilder on decision in Tyson Fury fight, talks Anthony Joshua | BOXING | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

    Speak For Yourself
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  • Speak For Yourself

    Speak For Yourself

     a years ago +36

    Who won: Wilder or Fury?

  • i StronG

    i StronG

     21 days ago

    How much changes in one year

  • Tommy Drinkard

    Tommy Drinkard

     1 months ago

    Wilder won the fight, Tyson won the boxing match

  • zwebackshyper


     2 months ago +3

    not even a wilder fan but he easily won that fight

  • chev izak

    chev izak

     2 months ago +1

    Count was ten seconds, completely got outboxed. Tyson Fury didn't take enough damage through out the entire fight for the referee to wave it off on that last knock down, Completely in denial.

  • Darryl Philbin

    Darryl Philbin

     2 months ago

    Watching this again and judging wilder's body language, he knows he lost. Most other videos he is confident this one not so much.

  • Chuck Roast

    Chuck Roast

     4 months ago

    Yeah your power last but you gotta have wind to throw that power brotha

  • mark vietti

    mark vietti

     4 months ago

    hahha Fury won that fight with ease

  • aaron aubuchon

    aaron aubuchon

     4 months ago

    It seems like the top heavyweight boxers are mindful of what is good for the sport, it's good to see

  • kaseydeshner


     5 months ago

    You lost bro 😂😂

  • spibster 89

    spibster 89

     6 months ago

    To be fair to him took the comments well, but he did lose fair and square. The rematch will be awesome

  • Darren Douglas

    Darren Douglas

     6 months ago

    Tyson out boxed Deontay but he put Tyson Fury on canvas twice so draw was correct result Wouldnt feel right if one them wouldve won Set up for proper heavyweight bout in rematch Boxing needs these two bring best on the nignt

  • bert wood

    bert wood

     7 months ago +1

  • Star Screamers

    Star Screamers

     7 months ago

    I like this guy. Everybody have their own opinion, he doesn't care he just about his buisness.

  • Antonio Videla

    Antonio Videla

     7 months ago

    From a European point of wiev!
    Not UK or US, Wilder won..

  • Steve Lovell

    Steve Lovell

     7 months ago

    You’ve got 70% of Americans saying you won. The rest of the world said you lost.

  • Random Channel

    Random Channel

     7 months ago

    Wilder won the match legend..

    British Ladies AJ and Fury shud continue fighting random fat boys like Ruiz and sometimes expect the unexpected..



     7 months ago

    Fury made wilder looked like a amateur fair enough Wilder knockdown fury twice but that's all he done fury outboxed him had fury winning 10 of 12 rounds only 2 rounds wilder won we're the ones he knocked Fury down

  • Darkness Flame Media

    Darkness Flame Media

     7 months ago

    of course he thinks its a win win since he lost draw was the best he could ask for

  • Stotty01


     7 months ago

    Everyone who knows anything about boxing knows Fury won