Gucci Mane - BiPolar feat. Quavo [Official Audio]

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • Gucci Mane - BiPolar feat. Quavo
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  • You Blizm

    You Blizm

     yesterday +1

    Gucci Mane..... I'm proud of you.... health is wealth!!!  Bushmon in the building..... come and get these coconuts.....coconutcrazee.... ig is gurucocobliss..... Gucci... link me..... poor millionaire Bushmon..... I'm the @#$%&!

  • Mizael Marquez

    Mizael Marquez

     4 days ago

    Favorite part..( Bipolar, Go Crazy with Ex.).....!!!!!!!

  • Promise Omiponle

    Promise Omiponle

     7 days ago

    Quavo's flow switch at the end of his verse was crazzzyyyy

  • what's 5150

    what's 5150

     7 days ago

    I'm BIPOLAR #WHATS 5150

  • Zbone 96

    Zbone 96

     7 days ago +1

    anyone here from s1mple stream

  • Cassio VA

    Cassio VA

     14 days ago +3

    "Go crazy with your ex" So true...

  • Moise Andrei

    Moise Andrei

     21 days ago

    totusi poate o sa va invat limba voastra

  • Moise Andrei

    Moise Andrei

     21 days ago

    ba da dc nu bagi tu melodi in romana , ca eu nu te inteleg :(

  • cute girl in the world

    cute girl in the world

     28 days ago


  • Mickey Morelos

    Mickey Morelos

     28 days ago

    Like if Gucci better than Chingy

  • Alexa Marie

    Alexa Marie

     1 months ago

    Bipolar rocks gotta love dem rose colored glasses lmao

  • Amok Amok

    Amok Amok

     1 months ago


  • ATOnIo Lorenzo

    ATOnIo Lorenzo

     1 months ago

    Guccci Mr.Gucci mane

    Wow bipolar always yes sir it's me n I go crazy even with no
    Love your music G, thanks ooou i was hoping to see you in Phx 602 Az but ehh haters when u stay try to shut u down n out you kno.. i couldn't lem it turn out to there dreams so I'm blasting off the asphalt to 4 corners mane. I never been to a concert of yours or any rapper .but soon I wiLl no cap but wil.n it be Fucking Legitimately a bad ass memory. G

  • Kevin Webster

    Kevin Webster

     1 months ago

    Bipolar means you have mood swings. If bipolar a gang then its mental gang.

  • CrAzY-HoNky


     1 months ago +1

    I feel ya Gucci.

  • Armaan Sandhu

    Armaan Sandhu

     2 months ago

    lit man!

  • Иван Тодоров

    Иван Тодоров

     2 months ago

    High volume pls.

  • Urtzi


     2 months ago

    Where can i find this song with its real videoclip? Before it was... I will pay 5$ to who gives me!

  • mehmehmeh


     2 months ago

    The whole track is a reference to Kanye

  • Ata Alper Soydas

    Ata Alper Soydas

     2 months ago