Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of 'Frozen'

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Ryan Reynolds divulged to Ellen that his two young daughters can't start a day without watching "Frozen," and he has had enough of it. The Hollywood heartthrob also chatted about getting a bad haircut in Abu Dhabi, and spending Thanksgiving with his family there, and the upcoming PG-13 version of his hit R-rated film "Deadpool 2" called “Once Upon a Deadpool”.

  • Source: https://youtu.be/G2r_I1G_mfA


  • Harris Bren

    Harris Bren

     14 hours ago

    I wonder what's his opinion on Frozen 2.

  • Rajendra Kumar

    Rajendra Kumar

     2 days ago

    Besttttt coupleeeee everrrrrr mannnn

  • Tazrean Rifty

    Tazrean Rifty

     7 days ago +1

    Funny thing is in 6 Underground movie One is not present in Abu Dhabi scene.

  • Amanda Ramirez

    Amanda Ramirez

     7 days ago

    they’re having a 3rd now !!



     14 days ago

    all i see is deadpool getting famous

  • Zi Qing

    Zi Qing

     14 days ago

    Omg Ryan Reynolds is real hilarious

  • batoul abed

    batoul abed

     14 days ago +2

    The only guest on Ellen that speaks more than Ellen 😂😂

  • Deanna Hayward

    Deanna Hayward

     14 days ago

    My little sister LOVES frozen . We had like 12 DVDs of it . IM SICK OF IT . IM FORCED TO WATCH IT BECAUSE IF I DON'T IM " UPSETTING MY SISTER " . Sorry just needed to get that out .

  • Mustaqeemah Oni

    Mustaqeemah Oni

     14 days ago

    6 underground was shot in 2018 wow I recently just watched it

  • M Girl

    M Girl

     21 days ago +10

    mothers forced to watch the movie cause of their kids: but imagine how tired we are of it... imagine how tired we are

  • Loann G

    Loann G

     21 days ago

    3 kids Ryan now

  • Unruly Ronin

    Unruly Ronin

     21 days ago +11

    6 Underground was INCREDIBLY DONE

    Masterfully written Masterpiece

  • anonymously annoying

    anonymously annoying

     21 days ago

    6 Underground is lit!🔥

  • jeez mess

    jeez mess

     21 days ago

    I hope kevin hart and ryan reynolds had a movie

  • tika


     21 days ago +1

    he is funny! 😂

  • Jay Hawk

    Jay Hawk

     21 days ago

    We need Deadpool 3 soon..

  • Pekpeki EXO

    Pekpeki EXO

     21 days ago

    Rooting for EXO 10th member

  • Sister Babs

    Sister Babs

     28 days ago

    Elen, you should see ryan episode on running man, I think it is a good show to put you and running man cast on 1 frame, and play name tag remove with ryan too, love you ellen

  • kekaci


     28 days ago

    The title is so clickbait but im glad i watch this omg this mann, anyway go watch runningman with him is sooo funnyy

  • Safaa Kroeger

    Safaa Kroeger

     28 days ago