Rudy Gobert Ejected 3 Mins Into Game For ALMOST Fight The Official&Mental Breakdown!

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
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  • 😼DuZy😼


     7 months ago

    My Most Fav moment of the season! I'm in tears

  • Burak Cimen

    Burak Cimen

     8 months ago

    Remember when Ron Artest elbowed the defense out of Harden?

  • alex39k


     8 months ago

    That’s why artest elbow his bitch ass

  • mac Shm6ney

    mac Shm6ney

     9 months ago

    Damn harden is forsure a bitch

  • Bobby B

    Bobby B

     9 months ago

    Utah still wiped the ass with Houston that night.

  • marcelo fierro

    marcelo fierro

     10 months ago

    Por wn

  • Mike Myers

    Mike Myers

     10 months ago

    Wow he shoved me so hard, nba is so brutal

  • Mike Balderston

    Mike Balderston

     11 months ago

    Overrated big man, stat pads by standing in the paint all game long.

  • Victor


     11 months ago

    ”Almost fight” where? Idiot

  • Tomas Lundström

    Tomas Lundström

     11 months ago

    Breaking news: after winning MVF* twice, and LVC* three times in six years, James Harden has announced his retirement from the NBA. Rumor has it that he will be starting a Travel agency.

    *Most Valuable Flopper
    *Least Valuable Choker

  • Travis Warren

    Travis Warren

     11 months ago

    I'm glad Ingram and Rondo got in a fight with Rockets... pussy bitch ass Harden falls to the ground if you look at him the wrong way.

    They need to start fining players money for flopping.

  • Hector Salamanca

    Hector Salamanca

     11 months ago

    2k after patch 7

  • Harrison Yao

    Harrison Yao

     11 months ago +1

    harden just a trush

  • Ethan Fragoso

    Ethan Fragoso

     11 months ago

    The way he slapped that cup tho🤣

  • Qrizpy


     11 months ago

    Still beat them by 27 which is Gobert's number lmao that's karma for u

  • michaeljf1972


     11 months ago

    Lmao Reggie Miller dry snitching

  • Brimstone Helix

    Brimstone Helix

     11 months ago

    It still amazes me to see all theses white people in the stands. They love to watch these guys play ball or something else. But outside the game they are racist, I don't get it. The white women in the stands all they try to look at is theses players dicks. I am not hating(they look at mine to) just trying to solve a mystery.

  • Dorian Wallace

    Dorian Wallace

     11 months ago

    That's an NBA record

  • Peter Ferry

    Peter Ferry

     11 months ago

    Gobert should have slapped Harden instead of slapping bottles

  • Tre Suave

    Tre Suave

     11 months ago

    Why he hit the bottle like that 😂