Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday ft. Chris Brown (PARODY ft. James Charles)

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
    What happens when Lilly Singh and James Charles switch bodies? Lilly suddenly knows how to contour and James never has to spray tan again. FUN! But now we've switched back and this is Lilly typing and my brows don't match.


    Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Thank you for your patience while I took a little breather. I decided to come back for my annual #12CollabsOfChristmas series because it always rejuvenates my creativity! Any guesses for #2?

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    /// LYRICS ///
    I woke up James Charles, oh my god, I’m a queen.
    I’m so young, I can’t believe
    I’m a millionaire at 19.
    I just face timed Kylie,
    Told her we should collab again
    got all these boys in my DMs
    holy crap, this my palette!

    OOOOOO, I can contour so wellllll.

    Wonder if I can say the S-word, can I really say the S word?
    Wuddup my sister?
    Wuddup my sister?
    Big ups my sister!
    We up, my sister!
    You spill the tea sister
    Man eff y’all sisters!
    Cause I’m that sister, sister, sister, sister,
    I’m that SISTER!

    I woke up in James Charles body
    Somehow this ishhh turn into Freaky Friday
    But we got no choice but to turn this ISH sideways
    I can’t believe that it’s Freaky Friday
    yeah its Freaky Friday
    I’m in James Charles body
    I’m so good at drawing and I was a covergirl.

    What the eff?
    I woke up and I’m Lilly Singh.
    Ughhh, what the eff?
    Man. This ish is real weak
    How her hair get stuck up in her crack like that?
    Go to do my make up and these brushes are so cheap
    Are you f***ing kidding me? Wait, why my swearing bleep?
    Ain’t no need to fake tan and I got coloured fans
    Imma go out and finally find Lilly Singh a man!

    I can have long hair without wearing a wig
    Hello, my boobs are big, okay this sister’s thick!
    I look at my reflection n’ wait hold up a sec
    My face is beat but my foundation don't match my neck
    !hat the heck?

    I woke up in James Charles body
    Somehow this ishhh turn into Freaky Friday
    But we got no choice but to turn this ISH sideways
    I can’t believe that it’s Freaky Friday
    yeah its freaky Friday
    I’m James Charles body
    I look at my huge views with delight, these my dream views.

    If I was Lilly Singh, where were I be for goodness sake?
    I’m trying to find myself like a YouTuber on a break.
    I’m live streaming, ain’t no beauty drama
    I dress up like my mama
    My eyebrows are uneven, C’mon!

    I can’t do a smokey eye but Im a Bawse doe
    I unleash your inner artist, make you like Picasso
    And yo, unicorns aren't real. That doesn’t make sense.
    Not with that attitude, wuddup t-shirt reference!

    There you are, I miss being a snack.
    Saw a daddy and something grew in my pants .
    Love that, here’s a life hack
    Use code James for 10% off
    That was the key now we switching back.

    I woke up in James Charles body
    Somehow this ishhh turn into Freaky Friday
    But we got no choice but to turn this ISH sideways
    I can’t believe that it’s Freaky Friday

    And now I'm in Casey Neistat’s body
    It’s way less young than being James Charles was.

    I’m Gabbie Hannah.
    Wait, why am I crying?

    I’m Lauren Riihimaki, I’m a DIY queen.
    I’m going to put some glitter on some stuff.
    Yeah, I’m a DIY queen.
    And I’m going to turn the saturation on this video way up.

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  • Lilly Singh

    Lilly Singh

     a years ago +34903

    Hey all! Thanks for watching my first collab of Christmas featuring James Charles! And don't worry, the video is still processing so the quality will go up ahaha. When YouTube can't handle James' contour doe. Any guesses for the next collab?

  • Ammber Leija

    Ammber Leija

     11 minutes ago

    My brother wants to be better then james Charles



     3 hours ago

    This is so similar to the original🌈

  • Rockyslykidjr gaming

    Rockyslykidjr gaming

     7 hours ago

    Ok I don't watch James but this is DOPE

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    nancy a

     11 hours ago

    Shut up

  • Fionaplayz msp

    Fionaplayz msp

     16 hours ago

    Wow this video would be a year old today!

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    This is a year ago reply to this

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    hI SiStErS

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    Nicholas Wise


    this is the most ive cringed in my life.

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    Sarcastic Sid


    I loved when James mad Lilly Singh reference

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    Sarcastic Sid


    OMG IS iisuperwomanii dead now😥

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    The scene where Ian keeps moving back makes me laugh awkwardly

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  • Aashir Snake

    Aashir Snake

     2 days ago

    Superwomen: isn't James voice AMAZING!

    AUTO TUNE:Really man?

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    The lauren bit really ruined the video.. idk i don't really like her

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    His voice is so beautiful.

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    A U T O T U N E to the max!