French Toast

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
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    sugar syrup
    powdered sugar
    vanilla extract (which I didn't use)

    Finding good bread for french toast is the most important part! Why don't you try looking for a bakery you haven't tried near your house?
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    Hi Jun, I like to use Brioche bread in my french toast. And I add cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and a touch of milk to my egg mix. You should try it!

  • Lynda


     3 days ago

    You need maple syrup 😋

  • Leeanne Guinhawa

    Leeanne Guinhawa

     3 days ago

    Me: looks at L ont the top right then looks at Rachel


  • Im not that popular// INTP

    Im not that popular// INTP

     4 days ago

    Did he major in culinary

  • Teddy F

    Teddy F

     4 days ago

    Jun is not the owner of cats. He is definitely their friend.

  • Saiidah Sapari

    Saiidah Sapari

     4 days ago

    l love your videos

  • Angel Zamora

    Angel Zamora

     5 days ago

    Gross. No cinnamon. These aren't french toast

  • Tu Vinh

    Tu Vinh

     6 days ago

    Finally something I can make 😂

  • indeepj


     7 days ago

    Wait This Isnt The Kitchen Channel

  • DM H

    DM H

     7 days ago

    Can’t watch with animals that close to food😖

  • ボンレス猫


     7 days ago


  • Florian Decaillon

    Florian Decaillon

     7 days ago

    Du pain perdu sans lait dans la préparation 🤔

  • Maureen Seel

    Maureen Seel

     7 days ago +1

    A man who makes the breakfast AND coffee...where do I order one?

  • MystiqueL


     7 days ago +1

    How does Poki stay so calm while food is being made??

  • Missy L P

    Missy L P

     7 days ago +1

    Hola. Muchas gracias x traducir los vidios en español. Quiero preguntarte por las plantas que tienes en tu cocina. Cuáles son? Quiero poner plantas como esas en mi cocina.

    Hi. Thank you very much for translatong the videos into spanish. I want to ask you about the plants you have in tour kitchen. Which are? I want to put plants un my kitchen.

  • Faith lmao

    Faith lmao

     7 days ago +1

    Chopsticks: the universal kitchen tool we don't use enough

  • Jassada chittaman

    Jassada chittaman

     7 days ago

    I thought you're going to make cat food

  • Xo_Sarah-Belle_oX Sakowitz

    Xo_Sarah-Belle_oX Sakowitz

     7 days ago

    Ok I need a day in the life video anyone else?

  • Sarah Strong

    Sarah Strong

     14 days ago

    I like the way your cats seem to think they can 'help' with everything.

  • Capilo Tracté

    Capilo Tracté

     14 days ago

    Bagettes are better in France... #patriot