Priyanka Chopra In First Interview After Wedding Talks About Her Tech Investment Bumble

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • In her first interview since her wedding with American singer Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra spoke about her investment in dating app Bumble. Calling herself a "tech fan" and someone who loves doing things "out of the box", Priyanka said that she thought that the app would be an "incredible platform" for women.

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  • royal ranii srn

    royal ranii srn

     21 days ago

    Love u lady pride of India

  • AparichitKills


     4 months ago

    The time she is sitting on some American interview she is so cheerful joyful and FAKE
    and look at this interview...behaving like some chhui mui...
    and yes her accent change with the color of interviewer..
    failed Hollywood struggler , now searching way out to seek work in bollywood again ..

  • sanjith shashidharan

    sanjith shashidharan

     11 months ago

    This hypocrite of an actor just said Indian families are big on Ellen and here she finds it judgy when an Indian said it

  • Ranjit Singh

    Ranjit Singh

     a years ago

    so beautiful and intelligence actress Priyanka Chopra I love you too

  • d chattergoon

    d chattergoon

     a years ago

    Who the fuke is she???? No body cares!!!

  • Protim Borah

    Protim Borah

     a years ago +2

    Proud of you priyanka. More power to u

  • Jairaj Bodake

    Jairaj Bodake

     a years ago +3

    Wow! Just Wow! Am just surprised at the poise, wisdom, confidence and precision and every little thing of hers! I mean! Seriously, she is one beautiful powerful intelligent woman of substance! Period!

  • Akula Khasim

    Akula Khasim

     a years ago

    Ambika n Priyanka both were my fav u both...

  • Antara Sharma

    Antara Sharma

     a years ago +1

    She is sensible smart and intelligent woman...Beauty dsnt need always to be favourite. ...

  • A S

    A S

     a years ago

    People who criticized her for how simple she was dressed should watch this. 💕



     a years ago

    Haha you're 50th

  • Yalondi Supherfon

    Yalondi Supherfon

     a years ago

    Ahhaa hindu got dicked down no ramram only nicknick

  • M SAS

    M SAS

     a years ago

    People here treat these folks like Gods. I've been to India numerous times and what would be heartwarming or impressive is if these billionaire weddings instead spent their vast sums on people. If you're in love and want to marry have an intimate private ceremony with your family. No matter how many times Beyonce sings at your wedding those street children won't disappear. Queue, replies from people saying how ignorant I am and how much these people help charity so I need to shut up etc.

  • v y

    v y

     a years ago

    Real life Mrs.sonia Roy from aitraaz 🤣🤣... That's it...

  • Canny Gogia

    Canny Gogia

     a years ago

    Congratulations Priyanka

  • Pop_ _corn888

    Pop_ _corn888

     a years ago

    Why is this in my recommended 😂😂

  • Naz Shams

    Naz Shams

     a years ago

    She was successful all these yrs bcz she was single..all the best now

  • queen75 Queen75

    queen75 Queen75

     a years ago

    She is better than deepika.she is smart women not show up..



     a years ago +2

    I confident in her decision bcoz she is very intelligent😘😘😘😘beauty with mind my fav ❤❤

  • Spanish Inquisition

    Spanish Inquisition

     a years ago

    Please come again