12 Types of Reactions to Exam Results

  • Published on:  Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • Exam results are out! Which students will pass this year which students will fail? Will we finally get a field trip?
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  • JianHao Tan

    JianHao Tan

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  • Princess Saldua

    Princess Saldua

     an hour ago

    I ship Denise and terry(celebrate our love for next year valentines)

  • ᗩrmY ᑭotterHeαĎ

    ᗩrmY ᑭotterHeαĎ

     an hour ago

    You have allowance AND Gucci?! Wow

  • YJHooliV2


     an hour ago

    Wait so Debbie married JIANHAO but Debbie has a crush on Ben

  • ᗩrmY ᑭotterHeαĎ

    ᗩrmY ᑭotterHeαĎ

     an hour ago

    I know why they are scared, t h e y a l l h a v e a s i a n m o m s

  • LOOLI _abdali

    LOOLI _abdali

     2 hours ago

    What is “you are what you eat” like what????

  • Jia Le Giselle Yap

    Jia Le Giselle Yap

     2 hours ago +1

    Who should Denise be with?

  • Hxney Cxomb

    Hxney Cxomb

     2 hours ago +1

    4:33 the moutain does not bow down to the wind

    4:39 A doctor a day keeps the apple away

    4:47 A lion doesnt concern itself with opinions of a sheep

    4:54 you are what you eat


  • Max Galaxy

    Max Galaxy

     3 hours ago +1

    Why is nobody talking about 14:10 LMAO wheeze

  • shoes 95

    shoes 95

     4 hours ago

    Vincent is the worst and SO TOXIC

  • dinosaur yueyi

    dinosaur yueyi

     5 hours ago

    0.23 Denise walking is a little weird

  • joel javier

    joel javier

     6 hours ago +1

    One like 500 slaps for vincen

  • joel javier

    joel javier

     6 hours ago

    The boyfriend of denise is so confident but bad

  • Itzcrl


     6 hours ago

    Ben is so handsome..GOSH!!!!!!!!! :)

  • sujith and varshith 57

    sujith and varshith 57

     7 hours ago

    Guys 7:33 Denise looks so funny

  • Gabri Popadynetz

    Gabri Popadynetz

     7 hours ago

    The teacher is wearing a fucking crop top

  • OPD Sky

    OPD Sky

     7 hours ago

    9:14 she is so annoying OMG

  • Speckles and Blue eyes the tarbosaurus

    Speckles and Blue eyes the tarbosaurus

     7 hours ago

    6:01-6:11 what I want to do when I get a bad result.

  • Rainbow-Animations And Gaming

    Rainbow-Animations And Gaming

     8 hours ago

    99 and she still cried?
    I got 89 and also cried
    Me and Denise:I WANTED TO GET 100!

  • • Juicy • Watermelon •

    • Juicy • Watermelon •

     8 hours ago

    Nice video! ♡