Trump Argentina Cold Open - SNL

  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) gets an update about the Robert Mueller probe from Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) and Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), and he confronts Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) about his handshake with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Fred Armisen) at the G20 Summit in Argentina.

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  • Kylmeda G

    Kylmeda G

     2 days ago

    The Putin impersonation sucks

  • Kay Maria

    Kay Maria

     7 days ago

    Alec snl don't get bored of playing trump we need you to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

  • NeverLetGo KojnKuv

    NeverLetGo KojnKuv

     14 days ago +1

    I love when Cecelia does her accent lol

  • Fiondo


     14 days ago

    Alec is best Donald :D

  • Alan Gibbons

    Alan Gibbons

     21 days ago

    I understand I will personally murder you if you threaten our commander and chief again

  • Alan Gibbons

    Alan Gibbons

     21 days ago

    Keep begging and wishing for a civil war....... Gonna get it....

  • Alan Gibbons

    Alan Gibbons

     21 days ago

    Any of these motherfuckers wanna show up in my town!?!??! We will see how funny it is!!!!!

  • Ника Листопадова

    Ника Листопадова

     21 days ago

    Дайте ей фамилию ,- вениковна !Марина написала !

  • Ника Листопадова

    Ника Листопадова

     21 days ago


  • James Sievert

    James Sievert

     21 days ago

    Wow ! Remember when SNL was funny ? Me neither. 🗽🗽🗽

  • ggeraaceves Silva

    ggeraaceves Silva

     21 days ago

    Argentina es pura Natzy

  • Ghgxc Sycb

    Ghgxc Sycb

     a months ago

    F Kaye is there anyone you can not do? You are top the best of the best

  • Allik Smith-Ray

    Allik Smith-Ray

     a months ago

    Cohen: Why you make me do so much illegal stuff? Because your like a son to me 😂 I can’t take it no more

  • Angel Azul

    Angel Azul

     a months ago


  • Sues Anna

    Sues Anna

     a months ago

    Kates „Rudy“ impression will be my Halloween decoration this year.

  • Paitoon Khemapanon

    Paitoon Khemapanon

     a months ago

    Thanks your are so awesome
    The best one ever

  • Heba Madi

    Heba Madi

     a months ago

    Bravi 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣

  • Gianconti Spinocci

    Gianconti Spinocci

     a months ago +1

    October, 21st here. So interesting how that mop headed illiterate dolt, turned out to be to be a mop headed illiterate dolt.

  • Juan Carlos Rivera

    Juan Carlos Rivera

     a months ago

    Old German guys in Argentina are into what Trump is saying 😂 did no else catch that??? 👀

  • e schwarz

    e schwarz

     a months ago

    sort of sad watching this in Oct 2019; however maybe all the Mueller report (hundreds of damning pages) will now become more contextually significant given the Ukrainian impeachment scenario.