Forgotten City from RiME - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  • Forgotten City” is an original song created for the puzzle adventure game RiME, available May 26. Get your copy here:
    Special thanks to Grey Box, Tequila Works, Six Foot, & RiME!

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  • Paige Jimenez

    Paige Jimenez

     13 hours ago +1

    At the sight of the fox, I started crying...

  • joss Mridha

    joss Mridha

     3 days ago


  • Love Me

    Love Me

     5 days ago


  • Solar Starfish

    Solar Starfish

     7 days ago

    Achingly beautiful 😭❤️ Stunning as always

  • marilyn anderson

    marilyn anderson

     7 days ago

    Music box at beginning reminds me so much of shatter me ft. lzzy hale

  • Pink Cherry

    Pink Cherry

     7 days ago +1

    Oh wow.... She's so incredibly incredible... I have no words.

  • Martin Oberrauch

    Martin Oberrauch

     14 days ago


  • Yumi Kang

    Yumi Kang

     14 days ago +3

    Anyone watching this in 2020? Just me sitting here reminiscing on the good old days

  • Mi DoU

    Mi DoU

     21 days ago


  • Christopher Thompson

    Christopher Thompson

     28 days ago

    So angelic...and very you are...once again take me away..thank you lindsey...

  • Annael Angel

    Annael Angel

     1 months ago


  • FatmaJay


     1 months ago

    just finished the game, it hurts!

  • 핑엘리


     1 months ago

    Just played through the entire game for the first time (in one day)
    Edit: im crying like a baby and I will never hear this song the same way again

  • C R

    C R

     1 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  • Nancy V

    Nancy V

     1 months ago

    Yes, totally the QUEEN of music videos! Love this girl, not to mention her multi-talents of playing, dancing (and how about Dancing with the Stars??? Awesome!), singing, COSTUMES, sets, personality, values, sincerity, ETC. Just keep being yourself and doing what you love.

  • Jemiati Ahmad

    Jemiati Ahmad

     1 months ago


  • Kassandra M.

    Kassandra M.

     1 months ago

    Anyone knows if I can buy the soundtrack ? I don't want youtube premium but if i can get it on google play music or spotify it would be great

  • Sherrie Brewster

    Sherrie Brewster

     1 months ago

    I wish i knew how to play the violin

  • Eelco Bakker

    Eelco Bakker

     1 months ago

    At first I didn't play the game. Later on bought the game and played it for so long I did it in 2 sessions. After the suprising ending, the song got a complete other meaning and you will never listen to it like you did before. Wow,

  • Gustavo Gonzales

    Gustavo Gonzales

     2 months ago

    thanks you lindsay Stirling ....