The key moments from George HW Bush's funeral

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • From the emotional speech of George W Bush to the painful tensions between Clinton and Trump - here are the key moments from the funeral of US former president George HW Bush
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  • Ann Bertoli

    Ann Bertoli

     7 days ago

    And the piece of paper all it said was Clinton's will be brought down and guess what it's happening thank you ABC Network. .

  • lightheart53


     1 months ago

    trump didn't even have the respect and courtesy to acknowledge our oldest living president, Jimmy and Rosylyn carter. That was unforgivable. John McCain made it very clear before he died that he did not want trump at HIS funeral. A much needed final slap in trump's face.

  • Eric Yu

    Eric Yu

     1 months ago


  • Julian Keippel

    Julian Keippel

     2 months ago

    Poor Melania had to sit next to that creep on her left.

  • Shreks Swamp

    Shreks Swamp

     2 months ago

    The Trumps sitting next to the Obama's and the Clinton's. You can't pay for that kind of entertainment lol. If this were on a Kodak commercial, Kodak's stock would have risen for at least a few months.

  • paa xxx

    paa xxx

     2 months ago

    So he's gone to hell?

  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris

     2 months ago

    By far the best speach Jr ever gave.

  • Ben Lichtnau

    Ben Lichtnau

     2 months ago

    Bush was the president who did baddo thingos right?

  • riccardo estavans

    riccardo estavans

     3 months ago

    poppy seed bush pure evil

  • riccardo estavans

    riccardo estavans

     3 months ago

    a devil was buried

  • Anne Liesveld

    Anne Liesveld

     3 months ago

    Wierd question but with aerial view I realized how big that cathedral is. Smh in shock. Any guesses In capacity for bushes funeral? 500 I’m thinking??

  • mph1ish


     3 months ago +1

    No envelopes? Why not?

  • mph1ish


     3 months ago

    Well he did pass along his defects; that much is true...

  • andyenid2


     3 months ago +3

    Why does Obama have that smug look lmao

  • Olaf Knauer

    Olaf Knauer

     4 months ago

    kranker reptiloider Satanist endlich tot!

  • mit555 hi32685

    mit555 hi32685

     4 months ago


  • John Llewellyn-Jones

    John Llewellyn-Jones

     4 months ago

    Why's that George?

  • Geo Synchronous

    Geo Synchronous

     4 months ago +1

    Bush Sr is not dead. Neither is McCain.

  • Stoned Prophet

    Stoned Prophet

     4 months ago

    Bush eulogy

  • Ahmed Mukhtar

    Ahmed Mukhtar

     5 months ago