Our Van Renovation | WahlieTV EP629

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • We spent a few days doing things that we could ourselves to the van, the flooring was the best decision we've made! Check it out and let us know whatb you think we should do to the van next!
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  • dougjstl1


     3 months ago

    This guy I love it when people say this guy they're talking about something or whatever you're looking for somebody else but they say this guy this guy was in the way who is this guy or whom whom

  • Jamie Wong

    Jamie Wong

     7 months ago

    You guys give me hope for a relationship ly 💛

  • Sayuri Yang

    Sayuri Yang

     9 months ago

    DIY “Pimp My Ride” 😄

  • Z


     10 months ago

    LOVE this video... you guys are couple goals...

  • Jackie


     10 months ago

    I love when yall do projects its calming the sanding, mixing, and placing lol

  • Jackie


     10 months ago

    what kind of fruit tree is that?

  • Sandy S.

    Sandy S.

     10 months ago

    Hows the van doing?? Been curious to see an update:)

  • Mariëlle Weidgraaf

    Mariëlle Weidgraaf

     10 months ago

    39:08 satisfying moment 🙃

  • moshiiiful


     11 months ago

    is there going to be a part 2 of this video :D?



     11 months ago

    thank you guys for use my music!love it!:)

  • Karen


     a years ago

    wooow you guys are so hard working and put so much effort into this reno its amazing! i would never be able to do sth like this
    also that "eww" at the end LOOOL

  • ri choi

    ri choi

     a years ago

    now i want a van

  • Ashley Seol

    Ashley Seol

     a years ago

    How do they both know how to remove and do all of this?!

  • kaila nalula

    kaila nalula

     a years ago

    Ive always wondered but what kind of breed is Navi ? I’m curious because I’d love to have a dog just the same 😊

  • DesireeTV


     a years ago

    Weylie is such wifey goals! Cooks, cleans, AND a handy womansss!! 🥰🥰

  • Foodie


     a years ago

    You guys have done so many things throughout the years. Rescuing navs, buying a house, getting a van, and fixing it up yourselves. I love yall, so inspiring.

  • Cat RV

    Cat RV

     a years ago

    what is the spray paint you used ?

  • Meiko_Q


     a years ago

    Anyone else tired of hearing about/seeing the van? 😆

  • Selina Vang

    Selina Vang

     a years ago

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this video. Happy to see you guys renovate this van. ❤️

  • janne6


     a years ago

    Amazing!! You guys should be proud of yourself. I love this!