Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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    The Tragedy of Deltarune ►
    Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale) ►

    Special thanks to Whynne again as well as Geoff from Mother's Basement for helping me work through all the bits and pieces of this huge series of three theories!
    Also, special thanks to itsmeveronica for usage of their custom Ralsei crying animation ►►1:07

    The biggest mystery of Deltarune is how it connects to Undertale. Is it a prequel? A sequel? Something completely different? Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to help you solve this mystery. What is Deltarune? Oh boy, do I have an answer for you!

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  • JaKK 69

    JaKK 69

     6 hours ago

    Kris is male,, Mat

  • Martha Llamas

    Martha Llamas

     13 hours ago

    In 6:46 even the annoying dog is a ending

  • Euphoria Crystal

    Euphoria Crystal


    The endings might be the same, but the events during the story might be what changes everything, and you as kris.....:D

  • EnderGuy 39

    EnderGuy 39


    14:57 Kris doesn’t need friends! She’s got knives! Yeet She’s... all out of knives.

  • EnderGuy 39

    EnderGuy 39


    10:30 and don’t forget that Toriel wants to be a teacher in Undertale!

  • Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton


    Why.. did it have... THEM... in it... shudders thinking about chara jumpscare

  • Altan Davaz

    Altan Davaz

     2 days ago +1

    Not really a great theory

  • Miah Loves U

    Miah Loves U

     2 days ago

    Duuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stooooooooooooop I'm so mindblown

  • ShadowAssassinX799 [YT]

    ShadowAssassinX799 [YT]

     2 days ago

    You keep calling kris a he, she, he, she, he, she, what is this

  • R Howse

    R Howse

     2 days ago

    FYI it's not chara as in charizard, it's chara as in character

  • Shumatsu Chan

    Shumatsu Chan

     2 days ago

    How about we start with the rearranged name imstead...

  • Jordan Draws

    Jordan Draws

     2 days ago

    In the neutral ending when you go back to Toriel’s old house, you get told a story where Asgore’s son named ASRIEL finds a human underground and cares for it. The human gets sick and dies, and Asriel absorbs the human’s soul, making Asriel able to go through the barrier. Asriel puts the human’s body in the center of town, but the other humans think that Asriel killed the human. The humans attack Asriel with everything they have. Since Asriel has the human soul, he has the power to save himself and kill all the humans. But he doesn’t, and he has just enough strength left to make it back to the underground, where he dies in the throne room. I just thought that could be useful information.

  • FreshBoi Media

    FreshBoi Media

     3 days ago +2


    Literally Nobody:

    Not a single soul:

    You: Continues to read this comment, even though nobody is there.

  • Ne Hissettirecek

    Ne Hissettirecek

     3 days ago

    Matpat:4.50 longest intro is th.
    Me:shows the 7 min intro
    Matpat: ._.

  • stealistic gaming101

    stealistic gaming101

     3 days ago +1

    matpat:who is pulling the strings?

  • Danilo Pereira

    Danilo Pereira

     3 days ago

    A question for you smart boy

    How sans is in super smash bros??

  • SakulHD


     3 days ago

    Lil late side note. The 3 other Gravestones belong to Muffet (The cobweb, the flowers in front, and 'to a beloved mother'), Greater dog (Bones) and Shyren herself ;D

  • Blue_Tiger_8


     3 days ago

    Ahu you gotta jumpscare me man

  • Benjamin Lake

    Benjamin Lake

     4 days ago

    Where is deltarune 3

  • Sully


     4 days ago

    may i say that at the beginning the character your play as (Kris) is called a vessel does this mean that when she rips out "her" soul does that mean she ripped your soul out of her thats why she could still move after the fact