'4141' locomotive carrying George H.W. Bush arrives at College Station

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • A special Union-Pacific train, which former U.S. President George H.W. Bush requested carry him to his final resting place, arrived at College Station, Texas on Thursday.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/7MblmVdQV-A


  • Sue Curtis

    Sue Curtis

     a years ago +3

    rest in peace George H.W. Bush

  • Jaime Rios

    Jaime Rios

     a years ago +2

    He was a true Aggie fan

  • Mr. HAHN

    Mr. HAHN

     a years ago +1

    President George Bush, you've done your duty. Stand Down sir. May God grant you everlasting life. Amend

  • Жамшид Расулов

    Жамшид Расулов

     a years ago

    Кто здох

  • Mahathir Turun

    Mahathir Turun

     a years ago

    Bush already in hell. His dog know. Because only animal can hear the sound of soul recieving hell punishment.

  • mousa ahmady

    mousa ahmady

     a years ago


  • Detueftler


     a years ago

    8:11 that slowmo walk :)

  • Mama Bear

    Mama Bear

     a years ago +1

    RIP MR Pres. George Bush.. fr. Phillipines

  • Skeleton Toaster

    Skeleton Toaster

     a years ago

    Helmets on, I detect ghetto turban-headed YouTube comments denouncing some corpse on a train!
    We denounce him! The oil is on his hands! We are persecuted! MAKE THOSE WAVING HAND MOTIONS! SKIPPITY DOO DA!! AH! Mohammad Allah, we curse the American flag! STONES!

    Then shut up and make a blog constructively criticizing war crimes, stop spamming the comments.

  • Cecilia zulu

    Cecilia zulu

     a years ago


  • Shining Star

    Shining Star

     a years ago

    This is the funeral that never ends.

  • airmark02


     a years ago +1

    In Life ~ he was
    the personification of the term: "the Banality of Evil"

  • The Yohanders

    The Yohanders

     a years ago

    Romaine lettuce ain't no joke ...

  • Firebender 117

    Firebender 117

     a years ago +1

    Next stop the dumps

  • Dejavu Doo

    Dejavu Doo

     a years ago +1

    This is devil worship...

  • e r

    e r

     a years ago

    WW2 pilot, long history of public history and Desert Storm president with success yet most Americans didn't want him for a second term and bad mouth by the media, but instead elected a governor now so many have kind words for him....he can't hear you anymore and the media needs to live in their pitiful legacy.

  • Mikaela Lynn

    Mikaela Lynn

     a years ago

    College Station was a great idea: no one’s more ritualistic than A&M and the corps of cadets is already there. Though after hearing them play the Aggie fight song, part of me was expecting them to fire the game cannon too.

  • Paul Autry

    Paul Autry

     a years ago

    Jet needs a muffler at 10:04

  • spiddyman007


     a years ago

    Thank God for our military

  • spiddyman007


     a years ago +2

    3. 2. 1. Ready....

    throws the casket down the stairs