Stephen A. agrees with Kevin Durant's take on why NBA stars are hesitant to join LeBron | First Take

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith agrees with Kevin Durant's comments on why NBA stars are hesitant to play with LeBron James, saying it would be difficult for players such as Kawhi Leonard to shine while playing with LeBron.

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  • John Redmon

    John Redmon

     6 months ago

    Max just don't get it

  • Frank Pierro

    Frank Pierro

     6 months ago

    He's so full of shit.

  • Peace


     6 months ago +1

    Fuck that bronny guy. Everyone is sick of him already. He's just attention whore.

  • Solomon S

    Solomon S

     7 months ago +1

    Karma for Kd for talking shit about the goat

  • Edward Yamada

    Edward Yamada

     7 months ago

    If you want to win, you play with LeBron. That’s what the idiot hypocrite Max says. But KD joins GSW to win, he rips him. So I guess if it’s joining LeBron and the Lakers, that’s ok. Yeah, Max. Laker fanboi.

  • Jewry Hernandez

    Jewry Hernandez

     8 months ago +1

    KD 2016 -2017 - “Nah we gon stick together no matter what, Westbrook my bro!”

    2018 - “oh yea Westbrook was my bro but I wanted a chip that’s why I left to win with the warriors!”

    2019 - “Lebron is toxic ....but I’m a free agent I might join him, we have fun when we play together!”

  • Aggie Landsverk

    Aggie Landsverk

     8 months ago

    Wait a minute. Lebron would not have squeezed the win if Draymond wouldn’t have been ejected. He’s too busy hogging the ball for records instead of being team player.

  • define crazy

    define crazy

     8 months ago +2

    Max:Here is the fact of the matter, Lebron the best player in NBA by far.
    Lebron misses playoffs.

  • Mr C

    Mr C

     10 months ago

    Lebron isn’t a leader. When his team suffers he blames the coach, the gm, his teammates. Nobody but him yet when he wins he’s the greatest.

  • jeff cordova

    jeff cordova

     11 months ago

    So many teams and players are having amazing seasons, yet the daily topic of conversation in the sports media is constantly on LB and the horrible Lakers that aren't even going to make the playoffs. News flash Max LeBron is no longer the best player in the NBA.I have issue with it...

  • Correll Millbrook

    Correll Millbrook

     11 months ago

    LeBron is not the best player in the NBA

  • richie anderson

    richie anderson

     11 months ago

    Fastest man to 30k pts, 8k rebs, but most of all 8k asts so where is this selfishness at? he goes to the West and still voted by the fans, media, and PLAYERS as the best player in the NBA; not to mention Kyrie calls LBJ and apologizes bc Kyrie was wrong not LBJ but I know screaming a smith said Kyrie doesn't like LBJ...smh

  • allannirvana


     11 months ago +1

    Anybody coming from the 42 point loss and realizing how accurate KD was?

  • Jarrod Fischer

    Jarrod Fischer

     11 months ago +1

    Max always on Lebrons dick.

  • 12 inches unbuffed

    12 inches unbuffed

     11 months ago

    so above so below hahaha :DD

  • Emily Reyes

    Emily Reyes

     11 months ago


  • sooha1


     a years ago +1

    Once again max kellerman missing the point to busy jerking lebron off

  • Earl Maye

    Earl Maye

     a years ago +1

    Max Keller is doing exactly what Steven A Smith described. They put the teammates of LBJ down by minimizing their impact and importance on the team. No one man wins a championship. And Lebron himself if he was modest and humble enough should uplift all his teammates shining the light on them instead of himself. MJ did. This is why LBJ chases rings. He goes were he can win. Instead of building winners. Great people make others around them great.

  • tracy williams

    tracy williams

     a years ago

    Stephen and KD are right. KD wasn't trying to say anything bad about Lebron but instigators are real. And tbt you would be not too bright if you are an up and coming or already a league star and go play with Lebron. They give the glory all to Lebron. Just listen to the commentary of when he was with the Cavs and now the Lakers. It's just lebron, then listen to the Warriors and other teams, everybody gets credit.

  • Pip Puanaki

    Pip Puanaki

     a years ago +1

    Lebron makes average players great and great players average cause they fall short in comparison to GOAT James