John Deere 8320 collides into a tree.

  • Published on:  Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • Slippery roads conditions let to a collision into a tree with the 8320.
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  • Farming Fixing & Fabricating

    Farming Fixing & Fabricating

     1 months ago +36

    A couple of things to keep in mind.
    1-when we made the decision to move equipment the roads were clear,a quick snow squall came through and dropped a good amount of snow quick.
    2-we had two options to get this tractor out of there.These tractors have a park brake that can only be released with hydraulic pressure.You just ain’t going to be able to drag it with it locked in park.One option is to do it the way we did or to hire a crane or a large tow truck.Either or the whole tractor would of had to been lifted and set onto the trailer.
    3-the tractor leaking a little oil is what you would call a casualty of war.It got cleaned up,we lost about 3 gallons total.You can’t plug off the ports where the oil was coming from.Those were pressure return ports and the reason why we had to even have the tractor running was drive it and release the brakes.
    4-snow was pushed onto and over the oil to contain it and keep it from running off the road.If you don’t think it works try it,pour a few gallons of oil on your black top driveway it will not flow as fast mixed with snow.
    5-yes the guys were cracking jokes but what you didn’t see is we all cried before that and held hands all we lacked was being able to hold a puppy.

    Everybody is entitled to an opinion after all this is social media.....I just wanted to explain a few things is all.

  • Farming


     4 days ago

    Good nobody got hurt thats most important the rest is just piece of junk fix it or buy new one .

  • Gerry Lundergaard

    Gerry Lundergaard

     5 days ago

    Maybe take it back to Home Depot where it got boughton. It worked for my lawn tractor.

  • tractor man TP

    tractor man TP

     7 days ago

    Wow I can't believe what I saw ! Bummer , You kept your composure good I know that's gonna take a little bit a coin to fix , roads get slick quick , here in NC they use that brine , I could swear it makes the roads worse because it melts them and then it freezes again and it's just a sheet of ice when I lived up north are used to plow them and then throw the rock salt down and then put the cinders on it and that Is what saved you , from slipping, you know you could drive pretty much as fast as you want to go if you're used to that kind of conditions. soon as it snows here ,back in the woods here we got five people in the ditch you know, ,nobody was hurt that's the best news, looking at the snow I miss that , looks beautiful, used to live in Northeast Pennsylvania and go up to Oneida lake New York a lot I'm in North Carolina now and this year we haven't got any snow two years ago we got about four snowfalls but I miss the snow that's for sure I'm sure you didn't miss it when this incident happened though!😳😊

  • Shain Andrews

    Shain Andrews

     7 days ago

    AG tires suck in those conditions and surfaces. I know my pucker factor goes to an immediate 10 every time a machine slips.

  • DeHaven Family Farm

    DeHaven Family Farm

     7 days ago

    Glad no one was hurt, and at least you had your own equipment to clean things up and didn't have to pay anyone!

  • Tea Bag

    Tea Bag

     7 days ago

    One of The Hired hands said that it was awesome and giggled. You're a lot more gracious than I would be. I would have fired him along with the one who ran into the tree. That has to have cost into the tens of thousands to fix.

  • kuhrti1


     14 days ago

    …….and we will call it a night……..jaaaaaaaaaaarrpppp…..23:23

  • Wayne Ihamaki

    Wayne Ihamaki

     14 days ago

    Worked at an airport, they used these to cut grass. Complained about how rough it was, so maintenance drove a roller over the entire thing... with the vibrate on. Turned it into a washboard. The vibration caused mower decks and wheels to fall off, fun times.

  • Allan Ulen

    Allan Ulen

     14 days ago

    yep nothing runs like a deere.HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Greg Koontz

    Greg Koontz

     14 days ago

    Hate to say it, but the only thing missing was the clown car :)

  • Brandon Fix

    Brandon Fix

     14 days ago

    nothing runs like a one legged deere

  • Zoli Kubi

    Zoli Kubi

     14 days ago +1

    I watched the video and read a dozen comments and received a reply from the video creator and I still don't know how this happened?

  • Goon IT

    Goon IT

     14 days ago

    can't believe how weak new tractors are

  • Zoli Kubi

    Zoli Kubi

     14 days ago

    I watched the video and read a dozen comments and still don't know how this happened? The tractor was running on it's own power into the tree or it was on a trailer? And how fast was it going at impact time?

  • Sally Hillal

    Sally Hillal

     21 days ago

    Sometimes if things that can happen actually do.

  • John Barham

    John Barham

     21 days ago

    Down our lane you would have to wait a week at least for the county to come and clear it.

  • automoto95


     21 days ago

    That nuts are too small and to weak for that big tractor and the axle is to too weak company must shame of that easy wcheel lost

  • imallearsru


     21 days ago

    Without chains tractors suck on snowt/icy surfaces. Now the question, pay for it out of pocket or call the insurance company.

  • R Kelsey

    R Kelsey

     21 days ago

    Icy roads, pulling a heavy load, cars off the roada, and the phone rings. "I better answer that." Actually, I think you needed a few more bubbas wandering around.