Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 23, 2012
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    Written and Directed by EMMY® Award winning director Nathan D. Lee

    1st Assistant Director Katie Schwarz

    Production Design by Chloe Huber

    Director of Photography Jacob Schwarz

    Dance Choreography by Marc Alexanda
    Utah Urban Dance Organization (U.D.O.)

    Chaz Layne Bodily, Marcquet Hill, Arianna Brockbank, Kelsey Skousen, Leif Belnap, Rylie Tucker, Denali Pontvianne, Tia Aiono, Bethany Boutwell, Kalli Haws

    Dale Flink, Noah Bailey, Joanna Bishop, Shiloh White, Meg Sorensen, and Emily Jacobsen

    Gaffer John Bills

    Key Grip Tyler Stevens

    Edited by Lindsey Stirling

    Special thanks to Adam Abel and Kent Findley
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  • Elena Nagornaia

    Elena Nagornaia

     21 minutes ago +1

    Я обожаю её музыку она классная

  • Rafał Rafi

    Rafał Rafi

     3 hours ago

    Jakieś pojeby dają łapkę w dół

  • A l e x G a r c i a

    A l e x G a r c i a

     7 hours ago


  • Diane Wood

    Diane Wood

     23 hours ago

    Perhaps a soothing melody would calm the zombies

  • Matthew Hanna

    Matthew Hanna

     23 hours ago

    Dont be swayed by power Lindsey we are all capable of far more than what they tell us remember that and don't stray your music

  • Sergio Electrónica Vissel

    Sergio Electrónica Vissel


    Ultra excellent.

  • Vicente isaac Lopez valdez

    Vicente isaac Lopez valdez

     3 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until the urn starts wiggling.

  • alexandre Hubert

    alexandre Hubert

     3 days ago

    Wow Micheal Jackson is back X)

  • Waldis Sidwal

    Waldis Sidwal

     3 days ago

    Whats would happened if you find violin. but havn*t made the melody?((

  • Евгений Кашпаровский

    Евгений Кашпаровский

     3 days ago

    Линдсей ! Грациес .
    Великолепно захватывающе.
    Из тебя выйдет отличный пилот-навигатор

  • DarkShadowAloneCookie


     3 days ago

    zombie style !!! :3

  • Xenozilot


     4 days ago

    превед майкл джексон с его триллером....

  • Саша Высоченко

    Саша Высоченко

     4 days ago

    Lindsey 👍💋💋💖

  • Adies shtol

    Adies shtol

     4 days ago

    студия? нафиг студия) я сама между зомби!

  • Marco Gutiérrez

    Marco Gutiérrez

     4 days ago

    Fantastic hermosa canción es dulce para mis oídos

  • Aryiah Hotelling

    Aryiah Hotelling

     4 days ago

    Love the zombie theme! But not as much as I love Lindsey Stirling's songs

  • D K

    D K

     4 days ago

    Оч круто

  • Товарищ Цензор

    Товарищ Цензор

     4 days ago

    На каком моменте сраться?)

  • jeremy patalano

    jeremy patalano

     6 days ago

    when you are so good even the dead are your fans

  • Sanji Rinow

    Sanji Rinow

     6 days ago

    Hat schon was von Michael jackson geklaut aber trotzdem cool gemacht.

    Die Zombies sind schon recht agile Geschöpfe.

    Vor allem die Violine am Ende. :) :D Jo auf jeden fall.