Faith Evans’s Reaction to Hopelessly in Love

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Faith Evans dishes on her relationship with Stevie J, how she met the late Notorious B.I.G and the Lifetime docuseries “Hopelessly In Love.”

    Then, Faith tells us how she found out about Notorious B.I.G's relationship with Lil' Kim on Wendy’s radio show.
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  • Sha'DaTV


     33 minutes ago

    Faith is very genuine.

  • ExoticATL


     55 minutes ago

    I loveeee Faith; But why the hell she got on “Dogg the Repo Man”’s hair....ijs

  • Reel Tahk

    Reel Tahk

     an hour ago

    Faith looking fantastic!!!!

  • Evelynn Xmas

    Evelynn Xmas

     2 hours ago

    The WAY Stevie gazes at Faith! He is protective, supportive and so in love with her. I wish them the very best!

  • Tamika Schultz

    Tamika Schultz

     2 hours ago

    Rat face.🤔 Wendy look in the mirror before you start throwing accusations maam!!.. Love Faith's poise because I would have slapped ol Wendy !!....

  • Lee'sa Savage

    Lee'sa Savage

     2 hours ago

    Bad hair choice bad bad just bad

  • MsParker..MsParker


     2 hours ago

    Wait Wendy use to mess with Biggie right??

  • Marion Lewis

    Marion Lewis

     2 hours ago +1

    Faith is so uncomfortable talking bout this...didn't she cheat on him

  • Cassandra D

    Cassandra D

     2 hours ago

    The part when Wendy says : "How'd you fall in love faith, how'd you do it" & faiths face though!😂At some parts of the interview were cringy to watch, but I do absolutely love faith. Such a classy beautiful woman. & I love when Wendy makes plans for dinners or shows on tv lol

  • Chana


     2 hours ago

    Awkward 🥴🥴🥴

  • sweetlikez


     3 hours ago

    There you have it folks.. The murderer of Biggie was killed.. (10:40 mark) after the night Biggie was killed. So all the feds didn't bother to wrap this up sooner, instead they wasted many years with false speculations.

  • Goddess Éuthera

    Goddess Éuthera

     4 hours ago

    Stevie is a Scorpio ♏️ he’s gonna be a little intimidating but he may be nice 👍🏽

  • cali baby

    cali baby

     4 hours ago

    I love Faith but Wendy come on now it's just disgusting to be sitting up there calling somebody "HUSBAND" rat face like come on now Idc who u think stevie j is he's not yours to disrespect it's distasteful & disrespectful smh!!!!

  • Oswa


     4 hours ago

    Stevie J should've just been on the coach as well, I mean...

  • Monique Pope

    Monique Pope

     6 hours ago

    Love how Faith handled herself during this interview wendy ask tough questions and she did an amazing job. Love her with Stevie J. They are the Black Brady Bunch in this era💪🏾✌🏾✊🏾❤💯😍😎🙌🏾🙏🏾

  • Jo Jenny

    Jo Jenny

     6 hours ago

    She is so rude to Stevie this is embarrassing and I bet faith won’t come back

  • Sharon Wright

    Sharon Wright

     6 hours ago

    Windy is trying to clean up that no one knew they were married because of what she did with Biggie

  • T M

    T M

     7 hours ago

    A wig is a wig no matter how much you spend on it. They look a fool 70 percent of the time Lord

  • Renita Caradine

    Renita Caradine

     7 hours ago

    Wendy ain’t address them Wendy /biggie slob on my knob rumors

  • lkcoles93


     8 hours ago

    Is it Faith’s interview or Stevie’s?!