My Math Teacher Liked All The Girls In Class

  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • Today I tell you about my creepy math teacher.
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  • TerryTV


     a years ago +2354

    Hey guys I'm currently not accepting story submissions anymore so please don't email me! I'll update you guys in another video when I'm accepting more stories 👌👌

  • Not Ya Boi Beast

    Not Ya Boi Beast

     4 days ago

    The reason he lets the girls do what they want isn’t that he likes the girls
    All teachers are that way

  • Tangent Steam

    Tangent Steam

     5 days ago

    Nooooo not the story time animators

  • Attack helicopter

    Attack helicopter

     7 days ago

    Maybe the teacher is single ready to mingle

  • Ah yes, Bepis

    Ah yes, Bepis

     7 days ago

    S - Seven

    C - Cruel

    H - Hours

    O - Of

    O - Oofing

    L - Labour

  • Rhodonite


     7 days ago

    You already know you can't trust anybody who is named Heily...

  • Andrea Santana

    Andrea Santana

     7 days ago +1

    D I S G U S T I N

  • Chan Chan-W-

    Chan Chan-W-

     14 days ago +1

    Is it me or does the thumbnail remind me of pastel girl it's a dressing game-

  • fire ball

    fire ball

     14 days ago

    why does he only remember morgans name

  • Michael Logozzo

    Michael Logozzo

     14 days ago

    Ok so I will say that some classes are useful but some classes ie world language should not be absolutely required because they don’t matter as much as some things that most schools don’t even teach.

  • Ur Mama

    Ur Mama

     14 days ago

    Flirting with girls is worse than him yelling at the boys.

  • Soveit Wizard

    Soveit Wizard

     14 days ago

    School is actually bad and teachers are shit

  • Cap Zuk

    Cap Zuk

     14 days ago

    hey bunghead

  • Lg Dream

    Lg Dream

     14 days ago

    He should be in jail

  • Matilde Santiago

    Matilde Santiago

     21 days ago

    He was a pedephiole or melestor

  • Jackson the D.B.D gamer

    Jackson the D.B.D gamer

     21 days ago

    That’s sounds simular to my math teacher right now

  • Eve Daylight

    Eve Daylight

     28 days ago +1

    Hey terry more of these I watch this so much since u upload it and I'm here today after 11 month Do MORE OFE ThESE VIDs

  • weplaygamez z

    weplaygamez z

     28 days ago

    Brother most of these things arnt word he skuled the boys for baggy cloths and was fine with girls whereing cloths that fit he liked a student (not like like) and talk to kids after class ur kinda over dramatic

  • Tony Juarez

    Tony Juarez

     28 days ago

    It turned to Jordan to Morgan like Jimmy to timmy

  • gemma balmediano

    gemma balmediano

     28 days ago

    Does your teacher has a crush on tomboy girls(cuz i am 🤟🏻 and i always wear baggy clothes and baggy jeans)
    Edit : no offense girls but i sometimes wish i'm a guy😑