John Deere Tractor Found 10' Underwater in River!

  • Published on:  Friday, November 22, 2019
  • Recovered a John Deere Tractor Underwater in River... 🚜💦
    Tractor stuck in muddy river 10' deep with Chevy SUV.

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    In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we head to the Pudding River near Mt Angel, Oregon in search of a John Deere tractor underwater.

    Crazy... RIGHT?

    We stumbled upon this farm tractor a few months back when Tatum tipped us off that there might be a tractor in the river.

    Sure enough, upon an initial dive, we found a tractor stuck in the mud upside down in the river.

    Our best guess is that the John Deere tractor has been in the river for about 2 years.

    Was the tractor stolen?... 😢

    The police have no record of any stolen tractor but did know there was a tractor in the river.

    What's our next underwater treasure hunting adventure going to find?


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  • the truth

    the truth

     9 hours ago

    under water for years, never get running without a rebuild, it will be rusted together solid

  • kay baysinger

    kay baysinger


    WHAT HAPPENS TO Chains instead of straps????

  • Janis Turk

    Janis Turk


    How did a tractor and all these car you been taking out get in the water

  • Gerald Villanueva

    Gerald Villanueva

     yesterday +1

    Thank you for doing that what you are doing

  • ringhunter 100

    ringhunter 100

     3 days ago

    looks like a chevy

  • T.F.D 1982

    T.F.D 1982

     3 days ago +1

    Jared We wanna see you get it running

  • Maxwell Poliquin

    Maxwell Poliquin

     3 days ago

    Good operator in that machine

  • steve bucuris

    steve bucuris

     3 days ago

    what went in the ditch first the chef or the jd

  • Diesel Doc

    Diesel Doc

     3 days ago +1

    You'd be surprised how much stronger chains are. Two hours digging with that excavator, and he could have driven it to the waters edge.

  • Coty Nietling

    Coty Nietling

     3 days ago

    Any updates on the tractor?

  • LS Productions

    LS Productions

     3 days ago

    Yess you should make it run

  • Fatal Street

    Fatal Street

     4 days ago

    you gotta let us know whats up, there is a tag owner right there, CONFUSING

  • Graham Palmer

    Graham Palmer

     4 days ago

    Talk about doing things the hard way !!
    Why didn't you turn both the SUV & the tractor back on to their wheels first ! The strap breaking on the first tractor attempt actually did you a favour as it put it the right way up for you - but NOT by your doing !! :-/

  • Sue He

    Sue He

     4 days ago

    We wanna see you get it running

  • Ethan MountainDew

    Ethan MountainDew

     5 days ago

    Out here with the Samsung excavator

  • Daniel Medeiros

    Daniel Medeiros

     5 days ago

    You get it running yet

  • Los Gemelo

    Los Gemelo

     5 days ago +1

    I like the part when The straps broke. I’m glad nobody got hurt

  • Sammy's Clubhouse

    Sammy's Clubhouse

     5 days ago

    Any updates?

  • sjsklmqz


     5 days ago

    samsung makes tractors?

  • Bry Bry

    Bry Bry

     5 days ago

    Clear the water out of the cylinder heads then I bet it would run Tbh